We Know Data

Pondata is a data infrastructure consulting agency focused on providing custom, modular solutions for scaling businesses and enterprises.


Combine all of your IT applications into one single-sign-on easy-to-use application. Organize all of your data and files in a secure cloud drive accessible through any web browser!


Revenue and expense report charts, maps to track assets, key metrics graphs and more. Visualize and track your data to get intuitive, detailed insights on your business.


Send automated emails and texts. Automate data entry and lookups. Build AI chatbots to handle customer communication. Automate the boring stuff with Pondata!

Streamline your data collection, analysis, and management.

We make your tech ecosystem easy so your business can focus on success.

With Pondata, you can:

  • leverage your data to tackle your most challenging problems
  • use the power of technology to increase efficiency across every department
  • reach new audiences by implementing the latest cloud based software
  • implement custom machine learning solutions to assist your staff with utilizing their time more efficiently, providing them the freedom of opportunity to target more important, high level issues

Choose Your Level of Service

Level 1

Tech Stack Consulting

2 monthly alignment calls

Remote 24/7 helpdesk support

On-site technician within 48 hrs guarantee

Level 2

Dedicated Help Desk

Weekly alignment calls

Monthly on-premises IT consulting session

Hardware and software consulting

Remote 24/7 helpdesk support

On-site technician within 2 hrs guarantee

Level 3

In Residence Tech Support

Dedicated, on-premises IT expert

Full time hardware and software support

Team of software developers that scales and develops your tech infrastructure into a serverless modern web app

Custom Javascript solutions with detailed documentation

24/7 helpdesk support

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