Become a virtual nomad by embracing consumer data proprietary ownership in the logistics and IT industries

Get Paid in Cryptocurrency for Remote Work in the Supply Chain Industry

LTL.AI is a live progressive web application built for logistics and transportation management. A comprehensive solution, LTL.AI will help you:
  • Quickly track sales &  financial metrics in real-time and use  assistive AI to increase revenue.
  • Dispatch, schedule, and communicate directly with drivers and never miss a load.
  • Optimize routes and let AI autonomously quote and match loads based on historical data.


Don't know where to start? We don't blame you. That's why we have helpful tutorials on useful and in-demand skills on our platform. Once you're up to snuff, you can start contributing to the community.


Skills in IT? Great, we need it. Can you develop? Fantastic, that's useful. Don't have technical skills but work in distribution? That experience is valuable. There's opportunity for everyone.


If you're wiling to contribute work to the supply chain industry, Virtual Nomad is an online community where you will be rewarded for the knowledge you possess. Anyone can join.

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