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    Watering Your Car Battery
    Lead-acid batteries are popular for a reason. They’re cheap, long-lasting, and require little maintenance. However, an important part of their battery maintenance is refilling them with battery water.
    • To get started, make sure to wear personal protective equipment such as protective eyewear and gloves when working on batteries.
    • Secondly, look for battery labeling information that indicates whether the battery can be opened and serviced.
    • Disconnect the battery. Open the battery cap and check if the battery water level is low, average, or high.
    • Pour enough distilled water to cover the lead plates if the levels are low. Once done, close the vent cap.
    • If you see any overflow, clean it with a rag.
    Sometimes battery damage is unavoidable and is bound to happen. In that situation, take your battery to the nearest car battery shop to avoid any further issues.

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