WealthEnV Initial Deposit – Milestone 1/6


Continuing on with an initial deposit for phase 2 of WealthEnV development with an installment of 1 / 6 for a 6 month contract term.

Use available Pay Later or PayPal Credit feature and this will be deducted from any direct or existing PayPal invoice. You will receive a receipt automatically sent to email address provided during Pay Later or PayPal Credit checkout process.

Contact if you have any questions regarding the payment being completed or posted, to check if it is confirmed.

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Design | Figma Prototype


76hrs  x  $50.00

Figma Prototyping / Adobe Creative Suite
– Update Figma For Admin Approval Process (10hrs)
– Initial Website 5 Pages Added To Login On React & Quiz Revealed On Guest Website (20hrs)
– Update On Screen Design For 5 Quizzes (15hrs)
– Screen Design For WealthEnV Area Specific Course Curriculum (10hrs)
– Levels & Experience Structure With New Screen Design For Achievement System (15hrs)
– Stock Search Tool For Finding & Favoriting Stocks (15hrs)
– Segmenting Accounts Under Assets For Plaid / EECO Connection / Groupings (15hrs)

Code | React UI


130 x$75.00

React / Node / Redux / JSS / JSX / D3 Charts
– WealthEnV Investor / Advisor UI Updates, Achievements & DialogFlow CX Robo Helper (40hrs)
– Quiz Expansion/ Interactivity For 5 Iterations: Multiple Choice, Multiple Drop-Down, Matching, Numerical Answer & Fill-In-Multiple-Blanks (30hrs)
– Assets Page View: Used To Group & Manage Account Data Into Categories For UI & Reporting Exports In PDF & CSV / D3 Charts (40hrs)
– Search For Stocks Page: User Can Find Stocks & Favorites, Get Suggestions Based Off User Collection / Average Rating Per Group (20hrs)
*** Complimentary GitLab Version Control Project Management ***



Other discount (20%)              -$2,710.00



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