Providing IoT Devices to Businesses & Consumers For The US Verizon Network!

Flashrate is Great For

Blockchain Encryption

Run your project encryption via popular 2nd Layer Solutions such as Open Node.

Enabling Your Smart Home

Use our 4G LTE Cellular Router as a WiFi HotSpot with the Verizon Network.

Custom Modular IoT Projects

Raspberry Pi & Arduino boards & hats manufactured as “all-in-one” IoT chipsets.

Providing you with the most powerful hardware

Flashrate is a sensor / chip manufacturer and distributor specializing in IoT sensors and device bundles for the supply chain management and logistics industry. But we’re passionate about delivering a meaningful experience to the average tech industry consumer and stakeholder. We recognize that decentralizing the network encryption of valuable IoT objects is locked in an ongoing debate between Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. We are looking for opportunities to uniquely position ourselves in the market to be the ones providing the highest quality hobbyist hardware.

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