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Choose a section of content that interests you most and preview some of the articles we’ve assembled. The Kordboard is where we post bounties for certain jobs or tasks to be fulfilled. Tutorials are useful for setting up systems you may be unfamiliar with. Network allows us to talk about our partners and local presence. Lastly, the Equipment category features reviews on hardware we find useful.

Kordboard Jobs & Bounties

Kordspace is not your traditional workplace. We are a group of contractors, so what it means to be a part of Kordspace is what it means to start your own business -- to be entrepreneurial, self-starting, and competitive.

Let's Hunt Some Bugs!

We continuously quality test our apps. Help us find the best solutions for our community of developers & contributors.

Learning Resources & Tutorials

Learn new skills and earn as you do it by reviewing our informative coding and development resources. We can show you the best way to set up your environment for making modern applications, help you use Google Cloud, and many other popular SDKs, & GitHub / GitLab projects.

Get Your Wings With Flutter

Become a full-stack app developer in your free time. Watch tutorials and get rewarded in Virtue. We encourage you to learn something new!

Our Network Of Partners

We have a great team of people involved in developing modern technology. We continuously service our loyal clients and present their story through our network channel. Learn about our latest news and achievements here.

Join The Network, Get Featured!

We want to show off your skills and bring you new opportunities, let us know your out there so we can write a shout-out.

Our Equipment Research

We can help you source the best tools and equipment to differentiate yourself. Anything from drones to 3D printers, we have reviews that will inform your decision and help you succeed.

Don't Buy A Lemon...

Stay informed on the best tech out there for the price. The sour feeling of a poor purchase can leave a lasting aftertaste!

Build, Design, Kollaborate...

Start earning today, read our helpful posts and share what you like with your futurist friends. Trade Virtue utilities, work on projects, and become a better developer, all in one place, the Kordspace.


Design better navigations...


Screen applications...


Stylize finished functions...


Create unique animations...

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