Learn the basics of editing content text, styles & margins in WordPress Elementor

1. (00:04) Make sure you're logged into www.your-site.com/wp-admin/.

2. (00:10) Go to the page you'd like to edit. At the very top, click "Edit with Elementor". I recommend right-clicking to open in a new tab.

3. (00:30) From here, you can edit elements dynamically within the page.

Tutorial screenshot


  • (00:40) Click on any selection you'd like to edit and use the tools in the left control panel to stylize the text formatting.
  • (01:57) You can further stylize with HTML in the "Text" tab.
  • Tutorial screenshot

    STYLE Tab

  • (02:40) Here, you can switch the typography around. Use "EM" for the font size.
  • Screen Shot 2020-11-13 at 5.05.54 PM-min
    Tutorial screenshot


  • (03:21) You can adjust the margins. Always use % over PX because it's more responsive on mobile devices.
  • Tutorial screenshot

    4. (04:25) Click on the nine dots at the top of the control panel to view all the widgets.

    5. (04:36) Click the red "+" button at the bottom of the page to create a new full-width section. Drag & drop a widget into the blank section. Click the full section to move it up or down in the page.

    6. (05:11) Remember to hit "Update" often.


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