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Basic Service Packages

Our portfolios of services are designed to offer you flexibility, scalability, and most importantly, results.
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    Development PackagesModules

    Flutter Flight Package

    Reduce code development and increase time-to-market speed with Flutter, as well as:

    • Cross-platform framework to ensure UI consistency
    • Eliminate performance bugs
    • Completely customizable UI with 3 – 6 month timeline for each app
  • Development PackagesMarketing

    Marketing Campaign Package

    Use cutting edge technology to grow your business exponentially through:

    • Ad booking & search optimization, Google Analytics tracking, and Lead Magnet forms
    • 30 blog posts of 500 words / month
    • Technical writing & content generation using NLP (Natural Language Processing) AI (4k / month or 2.5k / month with a 3 year commitment)
  • Development PackagesMarketing

    Technical Writing Package

    Boost your SEO rating and gain repeat users with our Technical Writing plan:

    • Data driven, natural language processing AI content writing
    • Create buyer personas using robust business intelligence
    • Write Facebook ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn, & Instagram while boosting organic SEO
    • Content writing at scale for blogs, 60 posts of 500 words / month
  • Development PackagesMarketing

    Ad Booking

    Get started with a personalized Ad Booking plan which includes:

    • Branded analytics dashboard for all ads
    • Lead magnet and Hotjar utilization
    • Heatmapping for ongoing UX optimization and A/B Testing
    • Google, Facebook, IG, LinkedIn, Indeed & other ad management
    • Set your own ad budget and expect 75%+ ROI

Website Modules

These modules are designed with user-friendly interfaces and optimized for effective digital marketing.

Native Application MOdules

Garner transformative results for your business using our native app solutions that offer remarkable performance, real-time responsiveness, and exceptional device compatibility.

Cloud Functions

With our expertise, we can design, implement, and manage cloud functions that directly meet your marketing needs, reducing operational complexities, and propelling business growth.

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