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  • Development PackagesMarketing

    Ad Booking

    Get started with a personalized Ad Booking plan which includes:

    • Branded analytics dashboard for all ads
    • Lead magnet and Hotjar utilization
    • Heatmapping for ongoing UX optimization and A/B Testing
    • Google, Facebook, IG, LinkedIn, Indeed & other ad management
    • Set your own ad budget and expect 75%+ ROI
  • Development PackagesMarketing

    Marketing Campaign Package

    Use cutting edge technology to grow your business exponentially through:

    • Ad booking & search optimization, Google Analytics tracking, and Lead Magnet forms
    • 30 blog posts of 500 words / month
    • Technical writing & content generation using NLP (Natural Language Processing) AI (4k / month or 2.5k / month with a 3 year commitment)
  • Development PackagesMarketing

    Technical Writing Package

    Boost your SEO rating and gain repeat users with our Technical Writing plan:

    • Data driven, natural language processing AI content writing
    • Create buyer personas using robust business intelligence
    • Write Facebook ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn, & Instagram while boosting organic SEO
    • Content writing at scale for blogs, 60 posts of 500 words / month