Need to change out a link in your navigation header menu? Follow the steps below to change out the information you need!

This tutorial shows how to update menus in Shopify:

1. (00:10) Login into Shopify. In the control panel on the left, go to "Sales Channels" > "Online Store" > "Navigation".

Tutorial screenshot

2. (00:47) Click the "Add Menu" button on the right.

3. (01:50) Click the collection you'd like to edit. Then hit "Edit" next to the menu you're updating to make sure the name and link is correct. For "Direct Link" use "Collections".

Tutorial screenshot

4. (02:40) Refresh the site page to make sure it works. Copy the URL.

5. (05:36) To update the link and name on the website header, go to: "Online Store" > "Navigation" > "Main Menu Wholesale" collection.

Tutorial screenshot

6. (06:02) Edit menu item name and correct link. Click "Apply Changes."

Tutorial screenshot
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