This tutorial shows how to build a new proposal page in WordPress:

This example is using Elementor, a visual page builder. To edit in Elementor, you should first sign into You can then select "Edit in Elementor" at the top of the browser

1. (00:43) On the left is all of your Elementor tools. To save the entire page as a template, click the arrow at the bottom next to "Update".

Screenshot of tutorial

2. (00:54) Name your template and hit "Save". It will then appear under the "My Templates" tab in your Elementor library.

3. (01:46) To create the new page in WordPress, go to the Pages panel on the left and select "Add New".

Screenshot of tutorial

4. (02:12) Title your new page and then select "Edit in Elementor". Once that's loaded click on the folder icon.

Screenshot of tutorial

5. (02:58) Select the "My Templates" tab and click the green "Insert" button. Hit "Yes" on the Import Document Settings.

6. (04:21) It'll show up odd the first time because the page layout is set to default. To fix this, go to the Page settings > General Settings > Page Layout drop-down, select "Elementor Full Width". For proposals, it's important to set the page status as "Private". Then hit "Update".

And then you're done! If you need to change the title of the page or the URL slug, go into WordPress > Pages > hover over the page > "Quick Edit".


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