Are you new to Jira and are unsure of how to create tasks for your team? Follow the steps below to get a better grasp on using Jira!

How to Create a Jira issue within Slack:

1. (00:15) Identify a task for the project.

2. (00:26) Go to the affiliated channel in Slack.

3. (00:40) Under the Jira Cloud, briefly describe the project in the message.

Tutorial screenshot

4. (01:25) Optional - attach a screenshot of the issue to the message. Then click "Enter"or the green arrow to send.

5. (02:08) To add to Jira, click the three dots > "Create issue from Jira Cloud".

Tutorial screenshot

6. (02:20) In the module, select the project, issue type, and write a summary. The description will automatically generate.

Tutorial screenshot

7. (02:58) In the Slack thread, a link to the task will appear and direct you to Jira.

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