Hosting on Google Cloud Platform

We host our projects on Google Cloud Platform

All of our projects that we work on are hosted and attached to our development operations cluster in Google Cloud Platform (GCP), but can be given to registered users to fully control and manage at any time.

If you register with a Google account on GCP, you can access a $300 hosting credit to use within your first year of service. The monthly average for a hosting a WordPress build on Google Cloud Platform is $30/month after your credit runs out, but various factors go into how expensive it will be for you to host your website.

Dev-ops support + helpdesk for GCP builds

This means that every month we will:
  • update your WordPress plugins
  • check for layout tuning adjustments
  • back up your website and the storage disk
  • purge deprecated versions

New customer? We offer our hosting services free of charge for one full year after project implementation!

Our GCP hosting plans

For our maintenance and helpdesk service, we have three different plans based on business type and functions needed.



Our boutique plan is the least expensive, starting at $39/month. This is most likely the best option for brand new startups. However, if you will need to integrate a lot of API calls, you might want to upgrade to our commercial plan.


Our commercial plan starts at $149/month and is aimed at established small businesses, with about 6-10 employees. If you’re making API calls and you need a lot of version storage backup (recommended!), you should choose this plan.


Our enterprise plan is for established businesses who need more support options, such as remote terminals and local storage space. Schedule a consultation call to discuss further details if you think this is the plan for you.
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