Industrial Low Power BLE Module


WH-BLE102 is low-power and industrial-grade BLE module with various functions.

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Part of the Verizon network for cellular hotspots.

WH-BLE102 is low-power BLE module which supports V4.2 BLE protocol(Also be compatible with V4.0/V4.1 BLE protocol) and it can make traditional serial device or device that be controlled by MCU realize wireless data transmission.

WH-BLE102 supports low-power broadcast mode with average current 800uA, hibernate mode with average current 500nA and standby mode with average current 3mA. BLE102 also supports various waking up ways. In low-power broadcast mode, life of button battery CR2477 can reach two years.

  • Hibernate mode with average current 500nA
  • Standby mode with average current 3mA
  • Bidirectional data transparent transmission between serial device and Bluetooth device
  • Fast signal transmission speed and maximum transmission distance can reach 100meters.
  • Internally installed PC1 encryption algorithm which supports data encryption transmission to ensure data security.
  • Same as zigbee cellular network, BLE102 supports Mesh networking function which can realize 65000 devices to compose network at most.
  • In broadcast mode, BLE102 supports transmitting one-to-many broadcast data to nearby devices.