In the year 2019, a series of remarkable PC workstations were delivered, shaking up the tech industry. They creatively married advanced technology with practical needs, and redefined what high-performing, application-specific machines could do. For those involved in rendering, Virtual Reality (VR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) fields, these workstations brought a level of efficiency and performance that was nigh unimaginable.

Top Rated PC Workstations of 2019

HP Z8 Workstation

This workstation from tech giant HP remains unmatched. Its staggering capability to house up to 3TB RAM and 56-core processors makes the HP Z8 an absolute beast. For rendering tasks, this power is non-negotiable. The Z8 handles advance software like Adobe, SOLIDWORKS, Revit, and AutoCAD with ease. Additionally, its equipped nVidia Quadro RTX 8000 GPU makes it perfect for AI applications and high-end VR. Its architecture also allows for easy expansion and upgrades.

Dell Precision 7920

A versatile and powerful machine, the Dell Precision 7920 stands out from the crowd. It is designed with a dual-socket perfect for demanding applications. The Precision 7920 supports up to 28-core CPU, 3TB DDR4 ECC RAM, and a maximum storage capacity of up to 48TB. It is especially loved by VR professionals due to its ISV certifications and impressive performance.

Lenovo ThinkStation P920

The ThinkStation P920 from Lenovo offers an impressive blend of processing power, graphics capabilities, and memory. With tech like Intel’s powerful Xeon processors, Nvidia’s advanced Quadro P6000 graphic cards and up to 2TB DDR4 memory, this behemoth is made for intensive tasks like engineering, simulations, and rendering. The bonus? It accommodates various AI developments efficiently!

Fujitsu Celsius R940

Flexible and high-performing, the Fujitsu Celsius R940 ticks all boxes. It supports Intel Xeon processor, up to 2TB DDR4 2400 MHz ECC and Nvidia Quadro P4000 Graphic card. The Celsius R940 guarantees an excellent graphic performance seamlessly running strenuous tasks. AI developers and VR enthusiasts have given high ratings due to its unmatched speed and efficiency, even under pressure.

Apple Mac Pro 2019

Widely dubbed the ‘cheese grater,’ the 2019 Mac Pro cannot be omitted from this list. It flaunts a 28-core Intel Xeon W processor, Radeon Pro Vega II Duo for its GPU and allows up to 1.5TB DDR4 ECC memory, driving through rendering tasks like butter. Indeed, a masterpiece for creators and innovators. Though on the costly side, its superb performance and expandability are worth every penny.

Conclusion for PC Workstations of 2019

These workstations represent the industry’s peak for 2019, each bringing unique abilities to the fields of rendering, VR, and AI. They offered professionals the ability to work with powerful, high-speed, and highly capable machines – while also offering the flexibility to upgrade and expand. Above all, they demonstrated the exciting, ever-present progress in the world’s technological landscape.

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