Denver’s local music scene is as rich and diverse as the vibrant city itself. Ensuring to constantly offer a stunning blend of new sounds and old classics, the Mile-High City’s music landscape becomes even more exciting with the skillful programing by its local artists. Today, we’re thrilled to turn our spotlight to a unique talent that’s been making waves in Denver‘s music scene: DJ Fancy Matthew, creator of WeirdTouch.

Introducing DJ Fancy Matthew

He isn’t your typical DJ. Known for his eclectic and engaging sets, he effortlessly combines elements of house, techno, disco, and more, bringing forth a singular auditory experience which he calls ‘WeirdTouch’. It’s this blend of often disparate sounds that aptly encapsulates Matthew’s philosophy that music has no limits or boundaries; instead, it’s a soulful journey that continuously expands, evolves, and surprises.

His sets at local bars and festivals have captivated audiences who are seeking out more than just standard beats. His mixes defy expectations, creating a musical landscape that’s as eccentric and diverse as the city itself.

At a DJ Fancy Matthew gig, you can expect to be entranced by a kaleidoscope of sound. Each beat adds a new shade to the colorful mosaic he creates. WeirdTouch is more than just an act on stage. It’s a philosophy that embraces the strange and extraordinary.

In Denver’s bustling local music scene, DJ Fancy Matthew stands out for his out-of-this-world WeirdTouch. Embrace the unconventional mix with a newfound appreciation for the weird and wonderful world of music.

Join us as we celebrate the kaleidoscopic world of DJ Fancy Matthew’s WeirdTouch – a Denver treasure truly worth discovering.

Marco Lopes

Excessive Crafter of Things


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