An exquisite menu is a guaranteed soul-stirrer, especially when shared with friends, family, or colleagues. Whether social or corporate, your next Pacific Northwest (PNW) event needs not just an ordinary catering service—it craves the culinary prowess of Simply Thyme. Offering experience, passion, and a fresh, flavorful menu, Simply Thyme is here to elevate your event and satisfy even the most discerning taste buds.

Why Choose Simply Thyme?

Founded by Chef Tamara Leibfarth, Simply Thyme was conceived out of an insatiable love for food and a dream of sharing this love with the PNW community. With a flair for creating visually stunning presentations and a menu brimming with robust flavors, it’s no surprise that this business has made a prominent name in local PNW catering.

When you book your event, you’re not just commissioning caterers, but full-fledged culinary creators. Every morsel is crafted with passion and finesse, beguiling your tastebuds with a symphony of colors, flavors, and aromas that can impress even gourmet connoisseurs.

Catering for Every Occasion

No gathering is too small, too large, or too complex for Simply Thyme. Be it an intimate bridal brunch, large corporate meeting, community fundraiser, or your dream wedding, Simply Thyme’s team will handle your catering needs with poise and professionalism.

For a boutique, personalized experience, Simply Thyme offers customized menu consultations, listening to your event’s specific needs and aspirations before curating a tailor-fit menu sure to wow your guests.

Serving PNW’s Bounty

Underpinned by the belief in the power of fresh, local ingredients, Simply Thyme’s team crafts their dishes using only the finest and freshest local produce. This commitment to quality shines through in every dish created, the PNW’s seasonal bounty providing an endless palette of flavors.

From decadent desserts to savory main courses, every dish by Simply Thyme is a testament to the richness of the PNW’s culinary heritage. By simply weaving together nature’s freshest ingredients, Simply Thyme caters experiences that are delectable, memorable, and distinctly PNW.

Responsible Catering

Simply Thyme’s commitment to the community extends beyond its menus. Understanding its environmental responsibility, the catering company has adopted sustainable catering practices, such as reducing food waste, avoiding single-use plastics, and promoting sustainable seafood. By choosing Simply Thyme, you’d be affirming your support for ‘green’ initiatives, all while enjoying an exceptional gastronomic experience.

Choose Simply Thyme

Your event deserves more than just good food—it demands an experience, a feast utterly symbolic of your regard for your guests. By choosing Simply Thyme for your next event, you’re booking more than just an award-winning PNW catering company. You’re securing a unique culinary experience, a testament to the PNW’s seasonal abundance, and a natural option for your special moments. So, why just cater when you can enchant? Book your next PNW event with Simply Thyme and introduce your guests to the art of remarkable catering.

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