This tutorial shows how to deploy a WordPress site on Google Cloud. Integrate with TensorFlow and add a Chatbot.

1. (00:48) In your GCP (Google Cloud Platform) dashboard you’ll see an overview of the project. It automatically connects to your G Suite account. A benefit of using the GCP is how flexible it is.

2. (03:10) If you’re hosting in WordPress, go to the navigation panel on the left and click ‘Compute Engine’. Note: You can pin this so it’ll appear on your dashboard.

3. (03:36) You’ll be redirected to the ‘VM instances’ tab. Here, you can also set up billing.

4. (05:03) Click the ‘Marketplace’ tab and select the ‘WordPress’ box. Then click ‘Launch On Compute Engine’. This will start a new deployment. Fill out all of the fields.

5. (06:58) The ‘Zone’ field allows you to set your locality. This helps with the firewall without charge. ‘Boot disk type’ should be set to ‘SSD Persistent Disk’. Your projected monthly cost will display in the overview. Note: Google gives away a lot of free credits which will lower the charge. 

6. (09:04) Next, fill out the ‘Administrator e-mail address’ field. ‘Install phpMyAdmin’ should be checked. Click the ‘Deploy’ at the bottom.


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