Overlapping user intents is a common issue once a Dialogflow project reaches a certain size. This is an issue because it makes the whole conversation flow more difficult to maintain. The overlapping intents make the conversation flow harder to manage. It’s also easier for users to miss out on information and increase the chance of failure.

The following section will cover how to debug overlapped user intents in Dialogflow. Debugging Overlapping User Intents in Dialogflow Debugging overlapped user intents can be useful if you want to improve your efficiency as a developer or if you want to focus on specific parts of your Dialogflow project that need improvement (e.g., business logic, data analysis, etc.). I recommend debugging your conversation before deploying it into production so that you can fix any issues before they affect your end users (e.g., new customers). In some cases, we’ve experienced situations where Google/Dialogflow fails to accurately parse our messages even though they were formatted correctly (i.e., no grammatical errors). Debugging these situations may help identify what exactly went wrong and how you can avoid similar mistakes moving forward with future projects. In addition, debugging conversations helps us create robust workflow that can be used for different purposes in the future (e.g., data analysis using Python). I would recommend investing time and effort into debugging conversations before deploying them into production when possible because this extra effort may allow you to optimize your workflow better and improve overall performance as a result. To debug overlapped user intents, first click on the “overlapping_intent_bugs” folder from Google Cloud Storage within the root directory of our project: Then copy-and-paste all activities contained within this folder inside of our main file “main_script”: Finally, run the following command from Terminal/Command Prompt: python main_script

After running this command, you should see output similar to Figure 11 below: As shown above, we have identified 3 potential issues related to overlapping intents (i.e., duplicate Intent IDs): We now know which intent IDs need additional attention so we can fix these bugs accordingly so that our conversation remains functional moving forward: If necessary, repeat this process for each intent ID until all overlapping issues have been resolved; then go back and re-run main_script one more time just to verify that there are no other issues associated with overlapping intents: Once all issues have been resolved successfully by running main script again one last time without any errors being displayed by terminal/command prompt then go ahead and deploy our project into production! Keep in mind that there could still be some minor problems once deployed but hopefully most of them are resolved at this point!

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