This tutorial shows a complete walkthrough of the Shopify system.

Onboarding Wholesale Customers

1. (01:02) When contacted via email about a potential wholesale customer who has filled out a form on Shopify, you'll receive an email confirmation. In Shopify, go to the Customers tab to manually add the user with the info from their form, which is included in the email.

2. (01:30) Fill in all relevant information from the email. In the notes section, write "Wholesale Customer". Adding the tag 'Wholesale' to the customer information is very important, make sure the W is capitalized. Click Submit when finished.

3. (02:09) To search current wholesale customers, return to the Customers tab page. Type 'wholesale' in the page's Search bar.

Website Features

  • (02:45) Collections Navigational Menu: organizes, displays, and routes to all retail collections in the Shop.

  • (03:35) Wholesale Account Dashboard: personalized navigation menu for wholesale users, along with order, account, contact, and FAQ information
  • (08:52) My Orders: check the status of orders including order numbers, fulfillment status, date ordered, and totals.
  • (03:55) Wholesale Customize tab: similar to front-facing website where user can fill out form for customized Hydros products
  • (04:10) Retail Pricing: can access retail pricing via the Retail page on the Customize dropdown menu. Wholesale users can also buy retail products.
  • (04:30) Wholesale Specific Shop: product pricing is automatically adjusted to wholesale rates. To add products in bulk quantity,
    • Click Quick Shop
    • Press the Plus button for as many products desired
    • Add to Cart

  • (13:50) Retail Customer Shop: loads as it should with product categories and retail specific pricing.
  • (04:10) Product Categories: can narrow down product choices by clicking on product categories on the Shop dropdown menu.
  • (05:27) Cart: options to add discount codes, specific shipping and wholesale payment methods are included, and will return to Home page. Removing the' free shipping for orders over $50' can be removed at a later date. Also, order confirmation notice can be modified as desired.
  • Processing Wholesale Orders

  • (09:00) Every day or so, a staff member should check the Orders tab on the Shopify dashboard. On the Orders dashboard page, one can see order and payment statuses, who made the order, and totals.
  • (10:53) To view Unfulfilled orders, click on the order number and see the print out. This page displays details like the order quantity and customer information. As far as actions, there is the ability to make a shipping label, request it to be fulfilled, mark it as paid, cancel orders, modify customer information, and contact the customer if needed.
  • (10:30) To remove an order, click on its identifying information. When you get to the order page, scroll down to the bottom and click 'Delete this order' on the bottom left corner.


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