This tutorial shows how to use shopify in Hydros Wholesale implementation.

Website Features

  • (00:37) Wholesale Inquiries: displays sign up form for wholesale customers via the Wholesale tab on the top navigation bar. Submission notifications will be sent to the email provided.

  • (02:03) : On Hydros Shopify admin, click on Customers tab. From here, can search for any type of customers using the search bar.

  • (02:22) Customer Profile: contact information, recent orders, add notes, delete customers, and user interactions with the website.

  • (03:30) User Dashboard: can see order, contact, account information as well as FAQs.

  • (03:55) Wholesale Collection: special wholesale marked products and their pricing, categories, and shipping information.
  • (05:10) Wholesale as a Guest: displays message explaining why cannot access page as a guest.


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