This tutorial Soft Order Placements & Cancellations in Shopify.

Website Features

  • (00:38) Collections Page: displays and routes to all retail collections in the Shop. If retail customer clicks on Wholesale collection, they are then prompted to fill out Wholesale form. Otherwise, they are routed to the Wholesale Collection.

  • (02:42) Checkout: can now manually pay without billing information, choose shipping level, and payment option.
  • (04:14) Referral link: displays after completing an order.

  • (04:34) Orders dashboard: will get email notification and display as Payment pending and Unfulfilled. If an order is clicked, its details are summarized on it's own page.

  • (12:28) Cancel an Order:
    1. Select order number from Order dashboard
    2. Click on 'More actions' dropdown menu and Select 'Cancel order'
    3. Make sure Send a notification to the customer is checked and click the Cancel order button
    When an order has been successfully canceled, it will then display as 'Voided' under Payment Status on the Order Dashboard. You will also receive an email.

  • (13:43) Notify customer about order: When in Order details page, click on username to see user account with contact information.


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